Let's weave biology & technology into the DNA of U.S. national security.

B.Next will demonstrate the power of technologies to identify and quench infectious disease outbreaks.

Why Now?

The convergence of the digital world with biology is creating new opportunities.

Why B.Next?

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, and government, B.Next explores the art of the possible for biodefense.

B.Next, an IQT lab, illuminates the national security implications of infectious disease outbreaks through thought leadership, proof-of-concept experimentation, and informing IQT investment strategy. We are building a trusted network linking government, academia, civil society, and private sector innovators.

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Interactive Data Visualization for Public Health Applications: An Evaluation of Plotly’s Capabilities

This report outlines the methods and results of a B.Next project with Plotly, a company that creates open source tools for visualization, to further develop their existing web-based interface to create interactive cross-filtering visualizations with multivariate datasets for non-coders.

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Tackling the Next Epidemic: Data Technology to the Rescue

Integrating novel and available data technologies into public health practice will improve situational awareness, help shape outbreak interventions more precisely, facilitate faster and more efficient response activities, and save lives.

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