We have to weave biology & technology into the DNA of U.S. national security.

COVID-19 Efforts

We've been preparing tools and resources to support the medical community as well as decision makers, technologists, and other stakeholders to help understand, manage, and respond to COVID-19.

Why Now?

The convergence of the digital world with biology is creating new opportunities.

Why B.Next?

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, and government, B.Next explores the art of the possible for biodefense.

B.Next illuminates the national security implications of infectious disease outbreaks through thought leadership, proof-of-concept experimentation, and informing IQT investment strategy. We are building a trusted network linking government, academia, civil society, and private sector innovators.

What's New

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IQT Tech-Enabled Contact Tracing and Privacy Roundtable Discussion

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic necessitates the adoption of traditional public health measures for disease control, including rapidly tracing the contacts and locations of infected individuals to prevent further spread. Leveraging technology can accelerate the scale and speed of this essential public health measure, and many organizations have announced plans to launch or support contact tracing initiatives though their underlying technologies, workflows, and privacy architectures. In April 2020, B.Next and In-Q-Tel convened members of the public health and technology communities for a virtual roundtable – learn more.

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Thought Piece

Challenges of Interpreting Test Results and Implications for COVID-19

Diagnostic tests are a critical tool to contain epidemics, to support medical care, and for public health measures. Understanding when they are accurate and inaccurate is necessary for understanding which individuals have the virus, need isolation, and need their contacts traced.

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What We're Reading

Academic, private, and government institutions all produce meaningful research on an ongoing basis. Here are a few articles, books, and websites that capture some important perspectives on biodefense.