Covid-19, Data and Analytics

IQT Tech-Enabled Contact Tracing and Privacy Roundtable Discussion


Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic necessitates the adoption of traditional public health measures for disease control, including rapidly tracing the contacts and locations of infected individuals to prevent further spread. Leveraging technology can accelerate the scale and speed of this essential public health measure, and many organizations have announced plans to launch or support contact tracing initiatives though their underlying technologies, workflows, and privacy architectures.

In April 2020, B.Next and In-Q-Tel convened members of the public health and technology communities for a virtual roundtable to discuss the key elements of tech-enabled contact tracing programs, potential strategies to optimize their implementation and adoption, and possible frameworks for preserving the privacy and civil liberties of Americans. View the presentations on YouTube to learn more about:

Note, these presentations were recorded June 19, 2020.

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