Biothreat, Technology and Market

On our Radar: Defeating Infectious Disease

Kevin P. O’Connell / IQT Quarterly Winter 2016

Infectious disease has been a topic of nearly constant media attention in the last two years due to the outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa. The outbreak, which has continued to smolder long into 2015 (and likely through 2016), has raised questions that are central to our broader concerns about infectious disease both overseas and in the United States (and illustrate further that the distinction between over there and here are largely illusory). Why do outbreaks of infectious disease occur? Can we predict them? How do they spread? How can we respond to outbreaks more effectively? What is the role of technology in this response? In this article, we consider how far we have come in understanding infectious disease, point out current issues, and identify technology trends that will drive the next generation of solutions.

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