Covid-19, Data and Analytics, Detection and Diagnostics

Leveraging Sensors to Monitor COVID-19 Symptoms Remotely


B.Next’s experts from healthcare, government, and industry leveraged its knowledge and expansive network to create the following high-level guide that maps sensors in commercial products to key vital signs and explores ways to capitalize on the smart products that may supplement digital health efforts in response to COVID-19.

What’s Inside:

  • Connection between health sensing techniques and relevant vital signs
  • Highlight of some challenges with existing commercial solutions
  • Catalog of current product capabilities and emerging trends for future products
  • Use cases for understanding potential ways to use sensors during contingency care

This Technology Insights Guide provides an overview of the use of commercial-off-the-shelf (not medical grade) sensor technologies that might be useful in supporting the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak response. The intent of this guide is to acquaint clinicians with the fundamental concepts related to the use of wearable sensors and to provide a possible adjunct to existing healthcare related strategies for managing the potential surge of patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Emphasis on technologies that could serve as an adjunct to conventional methods of patient monitoring are provided. This effort is not intended to convey medical guidance or provide recommendations regarding the outpatient management of presumed or confirmed COVID-19 patients. It is intended as a supplement to support the ongoing efforts of the healthcare community currently managing COVID-19.

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