Technologies required to defeat epidemics are within reach. Let’s build them.

The IQT Approach

B.Next works at the intersection of technology, innovation, & government to foster commercially viable innovations that mitigate the threat of infectious disease epidemics. Ideas are explored at B.Next-hosted community events, evaluated in Challenge Projects, and our findings integrated into an actionable strategic plan for biodefense.

Brief Intro To Biodefense Technology Architecture

The Biodefense Technology Architecture serves as a strategic framework and an operational map for the pursuit of the B.Next mission. To tackle the formidable challenge of rapid detection and quenching of epidemics, we need a systems-level approach.

The building blocks for the Biodefense Technology Architecture are core public health technologies: diagnostics, vaccines, and data and communication tools. This architecture envisions a new way to gather and use public health and biological data to combat epidemics.

Rapid Vaccine Design and Manufacturing

Vaccines are one of the most important interventions in modern medicine, but have not been ready in time to combat epidemics. New vaccine technologies could lead to fundamentally novel ways of rapidly designing and deploying vaccines.

Challenge Projects

B.Next Challenge Projects explore the “art-of-the-possible” in applying current and emerging technology for biodefense in partnership with government, academia, and technology innovators.

B.Next identifies critical areas of opportunity within the Biodefense Technology Architecture that could benefit from further exploration of technical capabilities or proof-of-concept demonstrations.